Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
Oral Pathology

      Dr. Gray trained extensively in management and diagnosis of many pathologic lesions in the head and neck region. Lesions of the head and neck range from skin disorders,soft tissue disorders, tooth disorders, and bony lesions. Dr. Gray is confident that he can help diagnose and treat your bothersome problem/ or concern regarding malignancy. Most patients who present with worrisome features to a site in the oral cavity are wanting answers and need assurances about what is going on with their area of interest. For this reason if it is medically appropriate Dr. Gray routinely performs same-day biopsies of lesions of interest. Most results are available in 7 days to resolve your concerns.     

Treatment of Pathological Diseases

In the majority of cases, the pathological changes experienced in the oral region are uncomfortable but not disfiguring or life threatening. Due to the valuable nature of all tissues in the head and neck and adjacent nature to other critical structures Dr. Gray may often take only a portion of your concerning area to send to pathologist for formal examination. If it is reasonable to remove your entire lesion for pathological evaluation Dr. Gray may do so at your request.

When a formal diagnosis has been given to whatever your malady may be this is then used to guide therapy. For some lesions this may mean simple excision and for others a more aggressive approach. Dr. Gray's goal is to keep you informed of all possible therapies for your condition and to be your guide in selecting your therapy for whatever your lesion may be. 

Oral Cancer:

Oral cancer is a general term used when referring to any type of cancer affecting the tongue, jaw, and lower cheek area. Since it is impossible for anyone to decisively diagnose a pathological disease without taking a biopsy sample of the affected area, seeking immediate treatment when changes are first noticed might be a life and death decision. 

Oral Cancer is unfortunately is on the rise (especially among men) and the chances of survival are around 80% if an immediate diagnosis is made.

If you are experiencing any pain or symptoms that cause you concern, we encourage you to contact us today to schedule an appointment.